Our Story

Constantly striving to bring the next big innovation in cosmetics to the masses, I desired a way to keep the continuous stream of samples and prototypes organized in my beauty arsenal. I began a search online and in store for the perfect makeup organizer. What I found was too big, or too small, too expensive, or too cheaply made. I finally decided to design and manufacture my own makeup acrylic organizer. Three prototypes later, and with the guidance of a few key beauty industry players, the Beauté Box by Beauté Pro was born. I hope you love it as much as I do!



The acrylic used in the manufacturing of the Beauté Box by Beauté Pro is 3/16” thick. This thickness offers the most suitable functionality for makeup acrylic organizers. Anything less appears flimsy and anything more is too heavy and not necessary to achieve the perfect look of a luxury makeup acrylic organizer. Our Beauté Boxes are individually handcrafted, glued and assembled by skilled acrylic craftsmen followed by many rigorous quality control checks. Each Beauté Box by Beauté Pro is looked over a minimum of three times before being packaged and shipped to ensure it meets our and your, highest quality standards.



The Beauté Box by Beauté Pro offers six compartments for storage, including a flip top lid for taller items. While some flip top acrylic organizer hinges span the entire length of the organizer, we keep our design sleek and clean with two small but equally durable hinges. We have also perfected our diamond-like acrylic rod handles for maximum efficiency and minimal slip. When creating the Beauté Box it was paramount that all components, from the acrylic to the packaging materials and retail boxes were recyclable. This seemingly simple feat prolonged the sale of the Beauté Box by a full year, as we searched day in and day out for perfect recyclable packaging options. All Beauté Box components and retail packaging is recyclable.



Beauté Pro Inc. works with Treesforthefuture.org and plants a tree for every product sold. Please see our Philanthropy page for more information.